• Absolutely love using Responsible Pest Services. My favorite part of the service is that we receive emails confirming the date for our service. This is of great help so we can ensure that our pets are inside. Also, we can add special notes for the service agent so that we make sure he checks some tough to see/reach area.

    by Andres F.
  • Wow! These guys are terrific. We discovered some insect intrusion and called for help. They arrived within 4 hours! They Identified the problem and fixed it on the spot. Really top notch service.

    by Margaret M.
  • These guys are ridiculously going out of there way to make sure we are completely satisfied.

    by Isaiah A.
  • The technician arrived promptly on time, was very friendly and professional, described in detail the services to be performed, and even noticed I had pets and talked about the safety of the products without me having to ask. I was pleasantly surprised by the extent of the detail-oriented service!

    by Marie K.
  • The spiders seem to have fled from our front and back yards. All in all, we are quite pleased with Responsible Pest Control. We will use them again.

    by David W.
  • Moved to Responsible from Clark, I felt Clark was “checking a box” and getting paid. Not the case with Responsible Pest Services, they take time to do a complete job. I’ve had no ant issues since we started using them, and the ants are the worst in the winter. If you are with somebody else consider a move to Responsible.

    by D.C.


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Spider Removal Alum Rock

Hobo Spider

Black Widow

The Brown Recluse

House Spider

Hobo Spider – Vary from ½” to 1 ¾” in body length, with dark brown carapace. The abdomen has a chevron pattern that often fades in older specimens. The hobo spider actually helps control many insect pests. During late summer the male travels about looking for mates. Hobo spiders bite when startled or threatened. What starts as a small spider bite can grow into a large wound as its powerful venom slowly kills the flesh.

Black Widow -The black widow (female) is shiny black with a bright red hourglass shaped marking on the underside of the abdomen. The female hangs upside down in the web such that the red hourglass faces up. This spider is present in all 50 states and is found in Canada and South America. The silk strands of its web are considerably heavier and stronger than those of other spider species.. Black widows are classified as dangerous spiders because their bite can cause severe cramping and pain throughout the body. Very young children, the elderly, and very ill persons are most at risk for severe reactions to bites.

The Brown Recluse – Yellowish-tan to dark brown in color. It has dark brown legs covered with short, dark hairs. The brown recluse is identified by 3 pairs of eyes arranged in a semicircle on the front of the head and a violin-shaped marking behind the eyes. The neck of the violin points away from the head toward the abdomen. They are most active at night and prefer dark, undisturbed areas. The brown recluse is not aggressive but will bite if disturbed. Bites are rarely fatal but do require immediate attention by a physician as they cause ulcerating sores. Left untreated, such bites often become infected and significant tissue necrosis can occur.

House Spider – While there is not just one kind of house spider, a common house spider is the female S. grossa, 6-10.5 mm in length, and dark colored, with a round, bulbous abdomen. Like many spiders, the male is sometimes smaller; But can many times be nearly as long as the females. It measures 4.1-10.0mm in length, and is thinner than the female. They can go several months without feeding, provided they have access to water. A well fed female can lay 3 or more egg sacs each year, in which each egg sac typically contains between 40 – 100 eggs.

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